Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson is Wack

Seriously, who thinks it's a good idea to go around assassinating people? And how did this guy become a spokesperson for Christianity? I really feel like I don't recognize my faith in a lot of these people. How does one go from loving each other, forgiveness and patience to avocating assassination? Why is it that only the extreme sides of any political party/religion/organization ever get any air time? I'm seriously considering blocking out the news.


Ahhhh. Ryan and I are finally alone in our house. We had houseguests essentially since we moved into our new house. As much as we love ya'll, it's really great to just enjoy my life with my husband again.
We went to see two movies recently that I really enjoyed. Sky High (yeah, I know, it surprised me too) and March of the Penguins. Sky High is certainly not going to win any awards, but it was a surprisingly clever parody of the superhero genre. I laughed a lot.
March of the Penguins was beyond interesting. For instance, did you know that the male penguin incubates the egg until the chick hatches? How about the fact that they spend 9 months of the year shuttling food back and forth to their chick? Most of the film seemed made up to me, but they really do these things! I also realized that living in Antartica would be suck. The highest temperature I heard during the movie was -58 F.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Our cats drink out of the toilet

Not kidding. I think we got defective cats.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Going to Brazil

So I'm going to Brazil for a week in October for my company. I'll actually have apply for a Visa since I'm going for work. I've been waiting for my passport to come back with my married name on it. You would think that they would issue a new passport with new photos ... but no. They take the old passport and stamp on the last page that the name was amended on a certain date. Are you kidding me? Because this is going to convince the unpleasant customs agent. Anyhow, with my freshly stamped passport in hand I can finally apply for my visa.

The fun part about this trip is that I'll be going with the other HR Training Reps from around the country. The last time we all got together 4 of us played Euchre and we're looking forward to the rematch. Not surprisingly, I got along best with the other midwesterners. I miss Champaign. I was realizing the other day that one of my best friends is going to have a baby and I'm not going to be there to watch him grow up.
In other news, I'm going to be working in Tampa for 3 days before Brazil, so I'll actually be gone for almost two weeks. That is the longest Ryan and I have been apart since we got married. I'm really not excited about that. I think he may try to schedule business during those weeks as well. I wish he could join me on my very cool trip out of the country.

Monday, August 15, 2005

As Mike pointed out ...

It's been almost a month since I posted last. We had my Mom, Greg, Bridget, Becky, Brad, Frank, Cathy & Michelle here over the last month. Unfortunately for the blog, it was the first thing to go.

The Pathfinder has been awesome! Of course I'm putting crazy miles on it (almost 2600 in one month). It's a good thing I'll be driving it forever, cause the resale won't be good. The best was that we had seven people at the house and all of them fit in the truck to go to the beach.

In other cool news, I'm going to Brazil in October for my job. I'll be in Porte Allegre and several other cities. It looks like I won't get to Rio. Sad. So, here's your opportunity to ask for cool stuff. It's something like a 12 hour flight down there, but everyone I've talked to has said it's worth it.

Becky and Brad come back on Thursday to leave on Friday and drive back to Georgia Tech. And then .... our house is finally our own! We've had people in our house essentially since we bought it. I'm really looking forward to returning to normality.

We're also going to Illinois for Labor Day weekend. On tap: Illini Game, visiting the Grandmas and seeing Autumn pregnant and sassy. It's time ... we haven't been home since April. Sigh ...
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