Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Patio Fest is Complete

32,000 pounds of stone, 2 OSHA recordable accidents, 7 people and 3 days later, we have a patio. I didn't realize how crappy our lawn looked last year at this time until I looked at the before and after pictures. A huge thanks goes to my Dad, Becky, Laurel, Sean and Paul. It rocks!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Immigration

I'm already tired of the immigration debate in this country. I frankly don't understand why it is such a long, difficult process to gain legal status in this country. For the first time in several years, I find I actually support the President's plan for a guest worker program. I'm not sure where all the vehement opposition to this program comes from. The high strung, type A ninnies who like to scream about how illegal immigrants are "Breaking The Law!!" would be the first ones to cross the border if it meant providing food, shelter and safety to their families. Seven years is too long to wait to provide for a family. Thank goodness I had the fortune to be born in the US.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Not anti-blog

Just not too much going on in my life lately. It's been pretty quiet around here. Neither of us has been traveling and there's been no drama. Aaahhh.

Congratulations to my little sister Becky, who recently got engaged!

Ryan and I are putting in a patio. Well, to be completely honest, Ryan, my Dad, Laurel, Becky and I are putting in a patio. We lured the family out by cleverly calling Memorial Day "Patio Fest." We decided we had to put in a patio (with paving stones) because our township doesn't allow a deck within 10 feet of the property line. Since we're putting it on our side yard, we would have had a ridiculous decklet. The township doesn't regulate patios, so voila!
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