Monday, July 07, 2014

I really love "camping"

I am ever so glad that Ry and I decided to throw caution to the wind two summers ago and take the boys tent camping. It led directly to so many wonderful memories. The tent camping lasted exactly 3 trips before we bought a very used, very loved pop up camper from a friend and named her Betsie. Let's keep it real here, friends. I am not a middle-of-nowhere, pee-in-the-weeds, no shower for 5 days kind of camper. Nope, the places we frequent are usually listed as "luxury camping resorts" *snort*. We go to places with clean bathrooms and showers, pools, and a well-stocked store. Our camper has air conditioning and we bring the iPad to entertain the boys before we've had our coffee in the morning.

So, while it might not be camping, what it is cannot quite be described. For the days we are there we have no agenda. We get up, we make breakfast on the coleman stove, there is usually some swimming, catch and playgrounding. Lunch is often followed by a family nap and then more of same. It is not a camping night for us unless there are s'mores around the campfire. We do nothing except spend time together, doing whatever sounds like fun that day. And friends ... that is amazing. There are no errands to run, no phone calls to take, no chores to be done. Camping provides downtime in a way that not even our most fun vacations do, for those always come with schedules and activities. It is truly a gift to be able to unplug with our boys like this while they are are still small enough to want our undivided attention. I look forward to our several trips each summer with what can only be described as glee.

Our latest trip was no exception. There was rain, so we stayed inside and made crafts.
This may be one of the worst pictures of me, ever, but hey, we're keeping it real, right?

There was a campfire.
And boys who wouldn't stay still long enough to get a decent picture.
 There was lots and lots of pool time.



The bugs were eating us alive.

And lots and lots of snuggling.

When are we going back?
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