Saturday, January 27, 2007

Much love to you Peewee

Our newest penguin

So just after we arrived home from Champbana, we came home from work to find this little guy on our lawn. As-yet unnamed penguin sparkles and lights up at night. We racked our brains trying to figure out who would've left us a penguin (and who out here knew the story of Peewee the traveling penguin). We even called people back home to find out if Chris and Wendy had been passing through New York.

The mystery was solved when our friend Sean came over to help us move our old couch and chair into the basement. We told them the Peewee story well over a year ago. While we were away Sean said they looked high and low for one of the giant, inflatable penguins (know how much we love inflatable lawn art) and finally found this little guy. I really like him. I think he's going to become part of our yearly Christmas display.

Nursery Project

Another lesson in "what were they thinking?" We are turning our second upstairs bedroom into the nursery. We found out that all the beadboard, trim and molding is some kind of weird compressed cardboard product. After tearing it all down, it became very clear to us that putting up wainscotting is our only option. Trying to re-drywall and all that is just too much effort for too little reward. The room should be very cute when we're all finished. Dad and Laurel are coming out to help next weekend. This time we're taking a day to go into New York and won't spend the entire time they're here working.

More and more pregnant

I was just looking through pictures from Christmas time and realized how much more baby there is now. This picture was taken last weekend ... and I still have 8 weeks to go!
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