Saturday, March 26, 2005

Not so official

So we had an appointment to go sign the contract on our house this afternoon. And then we got a call from our Real Estate Agent telling us that the home owner got another "comparable" offer. Apparently, the other offer was the same except for the other couple was going to put down 20%. So they came back to us ... not sure why since we couldn't put down any more than we have. So the story is that even though they came to a verbal agreement with us, they're considering another offer. So we told our real estate agent that we offered what we offered and they agreed to it and while we would do everything we could to expedite the process, that was still our offer.

Their agent called our agent and said that the home owner was still leaning toward the other offer, but why didn't we sign the contract so that if the other offer fell through we'd be ready to roll? Are you kidding me? We're supposed to sign a contract that the other party hasn't agreed to? I don't think so. So long story short, we're back out looking for a house again. It's probably a good thing we found out they were shady now instead of a month down the road when they were really playing games. I really dislike game players and don't want to do business with them period. So we won't ... and aren't. And we'll find another house.

Friday, March 25, 2005

It's official

We're buying a house! After several offers and counter-offers we will be purchasing a 3 bedroom home in Bordentown NJ. It looks like we'll sign a contract this weekend or Monday and close at the end of April ... just like real grownups. The sooner the better, as interest rates look to be on the rise. I am very excited to have a real house and a dog! Ryan keeps accusing me of wanting a house just to get a puppy, but I have assured him that is not the only reason. Now we'll have plenty of room to host guests (hint hint) from other places. Yeah house.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Scary stuff, we're buying a house

We are putting on offer on the house we saw this weekend. Scary scary stuff. We're about to find out just how "negotiable" our very negotiable home owner is. Since they're looking to close quickly, we're making an offer with a quick closing that would require a bit (ok a lot) of movement on the price. So I guess we're about to find out.

In other news, Peanut finally heard from the Office of Naval Research. It looks like we'll be moving too quickly to take advantage of her free labor though. Bummer.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Husbandless this week

Yes, Ryan is in San Diego this week. The first day he is gone on a business trip is always strange. The days after are just sad. I never realized how much I like to have him around. I lived by myself for a while and liked it very much. I always knew where everything was, it was always clean (or if it wasn't, they were my piles) and I enjoyed the quiet. Now I find that I wander around my apartment thinking "is anyone home?". Pathetic, I know.

I also never used to be jumpy in my apartment. I don't know if it's because it's bigger or not a neighborhood I grew up near, but I find myself a lot more aware of extraneous noises in this apartment. A few times ago when Ryan was away I thought I heard whistling in my apartment while I was washing dishes. Talk about freaking me out! So I grabbed the phone in one hand (to dial 911, of course) and a butcher knife in the other and started tiptoeing around the apartment. Perhaps not the smartest move if someone was indeed in my apartment, but I felt stupid just calling the police. As it turns out (after much looking in closets and locking my bedroom door when I went to sleep), no one was there. Maybe we just have some crazy whistling ghost in our apartment. Crazy whistling ghost would be a great name for a rock band!

I think maybe the reason I'm so much more aware of noise now is that when Ryan is home I can assume it's him. When he's not ... logical conclusion ... it's not him. Therefore, someone else is in my apartment. Alrighty then. Great. I'm nuts. The end.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Even more house hunting fun

Today we saw 5 more houses in the Hamilton area. We found a house we liked a lot with a "very negotiable" price ala the owner. It's got a great yard, a finished basement and a big two car garage. The only problem is that they are looking to close pretty quickly, and we don't want to do anything until we know what's going on with my job. I don't know how it would work to apply for a mortgage with one job and then switch before the contract is signed. So, we're having our real estate agent do some research for us ... but we're not going to do anything until after my interview next week.

Also saw a real gem today that we lovingly dubbed the "Hungarian House." One wall was covered with mirrored squares, the carpeting was variously, bright kelly green, Illini orange, pink and some crazy 70s pattern. It also featured a 4 foot tall refrigerator in the kitchen ... but have no fear, there were 3 other refrigerators located throughout the house. The basement was stocked with multiple cans of food from 1994 (dozens of cans of mushrooms, tomato sauce, 5 bottles of fabric softener). While we didn't see one, I'm sure there was a fallout shelter somewhere on property. The yard came complete with no less than 6 bird houses and a matching pair of ceramic kittens climbing the outside of the house. I almost wanted to buy it for sheer entertainment value. It was obviously lovingly maintained, and had it been a little less expensive it would have been a good house. Fun fun stuff. I like shopping for houses!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Filling out the NCAA bracket

Every year I enter a NCAA Men's BBall Tournament pool. And every year I lose a NCAA Men's BBall Tournament pool. Why? Well, usually because I pick teams based on whether not I like them/their coach/their geographic location/the alumni I know instead of on whether or not I actually think they'll win the game in question. So, every year I pick the Illini to win it all ... even when they're a 10 seed.

This year will be different! Well, not so different actually, it just so happens that the teams I like have more than a snowball's chance of winning this year. My bracket this year has the Illini winning (of course), Kansas LOSING, and Georgia Tech, So. Illinois and Boston College doing quite well. Why Boston College? I dunno, I just like them. Since the pool I'm entering this year consists largely of Illini fans, I have a high likelihood of losing again this year ... but at least I'll feel better about it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Someone went and bought our house!

How dare they?! Apparently, the house we were interested in went under contrac the day we saw it. Bummer. Now I guess we're back to square one ... more house hunting fun!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Dueling (piano?) blogs

Since Peanut (for those of you who don't know, that's my little sister) and I seem to often play a fun game of phone tag .... this blog's for you! She's going to be spending the summer here in New Jersey interning at Ryan's base. I know ... she's coming to New Jersey on purpose. Since everything here unfortunately moves at the speed of government, the nice people at ONR (the Office of Naval Research) have not yet notified her that she does indeed have a position at Lakehurst this summer. Apparently, she has to accept ONR (which means that they have to call her) before Lakehurst can call. So rest assured my darlingest, you're going to New Jersey. Somohow, that doesn't seem to have the same ring as "Going to Disney World!"

Unfortunately, what I do not know and have not the means to find out is whether significant other Brad also has an internship. I have to assume that even the nearly pulseless at ONR understand that summer break is quickly approaching and will notify the applicants very soon. But you know what happens when you assume ...

I will keep you updated as news breaks.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Big Ten Champs and Number One Seed Too!

Life is good for the Fighting Illini. Compared to yesterday's game, today's game against Wisconsin was a relative breeze. I'm also surprised that we sent 5 teams to the tournament. Go Big Ten! March should be fun. Kansas is a 3 seed. Hahahahahahaha. Take that Bill Self.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

More House Hunting Fun

Went house hunting in the Hamilton, NJ area today. I'm actually much encourage by what we saw there today. While there were a few scary houses, for the most part it seems like we'll be able to get a nice little starter home. We did see one big house today in our price range that needs a lot of cosmetic work, starting with the seriously hideous kitchen. The upside is that it's really big and has tons of potential. Houses of equal size that were kept up to date are selling for 20-30,000 more than this one. Unfortunately, it's empty, which means the sellers are most likely looking to unload pretty quickly. Since our lease runs until July, we could be SOL. We're gonna look into lease options next week to see if we can leave early or go month to month once the lease runs out. Lots of options I think.

We really liked the real estate agent who showed us around today. While she was quite New Jersey (complete with long fake nails and too much tan) she seems genuinely interested in us and treated us like grown ups. It also seems like she'll be patient with us as we find the right house for our budget and needs. All in all, an enjoyable day, although one that has my head feeling a little full at the moment.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

All Kinda Homesick

Had a tiny mental breakdown yesterday. Luckily, I got better. With all the house hunting the last few weeks I had a realization yesterday that if we bought a house out here we would have to live out here.

For a while.

At least a couple of years.

In New Jersey.

I really miss my easy friends (not that kind of easy you dirty-minded people!). I miss the friends I can just hang out with and talk or not talk, do something or not. I miss having friends where I feel comfortable with my shoes off curled up on the couch. I miss having someone to go shopping with and get my nails done with (love you Ry, but you're just not that guy). I'm just hoping that I'll make that connection with someone at our new church. I finally feel like I'm not constantly on guard with people there. They're still New Jersey, no doubt about it ... but they're a kinder gentler New Jersey (heh). Only time will tell. Maybe our small group will hold some promise.

Better today.

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