Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Filling out the NCAA bracket

Every year I enter a NCAA Men's BBall Tournament pool. And every year I lose a NCAA Men's BBall Tournament pool. Why? Well, usually because I pick teams based on whether not I like them/their coach/their geographic location/the alumni I know instead of on whether or not I actually think they'll win the game in question. So, every year I pick the Illini to win it all ... even when they're a 10 seed.

This year will be different! Well, not so different actually, it just so happens that the teams I like have more than a snowball's chance of winning this year. My bracket this year has the Illini winning (of course), Kansas LOSING, and Georgia Tech, So. Illinois and Boston College doing quite well. Why Boston College? I dunno, I just like them. Since the pool I'm entering this year consists largely of Illini fans, I have a high likelihood of losing again this year ... but at least I'll feel better about it.

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