Saturday, March 12, 2005

More House Hunting Fun

Went house hunting in the Hamilton, NJ area today. I'm actually much encourage by what we saw there today. While there were a few scary houses, for the most part it seems like we'll be able to get a nice little starter home. We did see one big house today in our price range that needs a lot of cosmetic work, starting with the seriously hideous kitchen. The upside is that it's really big and has tons of potential. Houses of equal size that were kept up to date are selling for 20-30,000 more than this one. Unfortunately, it's empty, which means the sellers are most likely looking to unload pretty quickly. Since our lease runs until July, we could be SOL. We're gonna look into lease options next week to see if we can leave early or go month to month once the lease runs out. Lots of options I think.

We really liked the real estate agent who showed us around today. While she was quite New Jersey (complete with long fake nails and too much tan) she seems genuinely interested in us and treated us like grown ups. It also seems like she'll be patient with us as we find the right house for our budget and needs. All in all, an enjoyable day, although one that has my head feeling a little full at the moment.

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