Thursday, March 10, 2005

All Kinda Homesick

Had a tiny mental breakdown yesterday. Luckily, I got better. With all the house hunting the last few weeks I had a realization yesterday that if we bought a house out here we would have to live out here.

For a while.

At least a couple of years.

In New Jersey.

I really miss my easy friends (not that kind of easy you dirty-minded people!). I miss the friends I can just hang out with and talk or not talk, do something or not. I miss having friends where I feel comfortable with my shoes off curled up on the couch. I miss having someone to go shopping with and get my nails done with (love you Ry, but you're just not that guy). I'm just hoping that I'll make that connection with someone at our new church. I finally feel like I'm not constantly on guard with people there. They're still New Jersey, no doubt about it ... but they're a kinder gentler New Jersey (heh). Only time will tell. Maybe our small group will hold some promise.

Better today.

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