Saturday, March 26, 2005

Not so official

So we had an appointment to go sign the contract on our house this afternoon. And then we got a call from our Real Estate Agent telling us that the home owner got another "comparable" offer. Apparently, the other offer was the same except for the other couple was going to put down 20%. So they came back to us ... not sure why since we couldn't put down any more than we have. So the story is that even though they came to a verbal agreement with us, they're considering another offer. So we told our real estate agent that we offered what we offered and they agreed to it and while we would do everything we could to expedite the process, that was still our offer.

Their agent called our agent and said that the home owner was still leaning toward the other offer, but why didn't we sign the contract so that if the other offer fell through we'd be ready to roll? Are you kidding me? We're supposed to sign a contract that the other party hasn't agreed to? I don't think so. So long story short, we're back out looking for a house again. It's probably a good thing we found out they were shady now instead of a month down the road when they were really playing games. I really dislike game players and don't want to do business with them period. So we won't ... and aren't. And we'll find another house.


sapsparky said...

I'm sorry that you guys have had to go through the same thing that Sara and I did with the whole verbal and then retraction. But hey, we are very happy in the house we have, and I think much happier than we would have been in the first house! Home will be where you end up :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the house.. but you guys HAVE to come to the Paign this weekend for the game.. it´s the weekend we never got to enjoy when we were all here together.. robbed by Arizona 4 years ago!!!

see you soon!

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