Saturday, March 19, 2005

Even more house hunting fun

Today we saw 5 more houses in the Hamilton area. We found a house we liked a lot with a "very negotiable" price ala the owner. It's got a great yard, a finished basement and a big two car garage. The only problem is that they are looking to close pretty quickly, and we don't want to do anything until we know what's going on with my job. I don't know how it would work to apply for a mortgage with one job and then switch before the contract is signed. So, we're having our real estate agent do some research for us ... but we're not going to do anything until after my interview next week.

Also saw a real gem today that we lovingly dubbed the "Hungarian House." One wall was covered with mirrored squares, the carpeting was variously, bright kelly green, Illini orange, pink and some crazy 70s pattern. It also featured a 4 foot tall refrigerator in the kitchen ... but have no fear, there were 3 other refrigerators located throughout the house. The basement was stocked with multiple cans of food from 1994 (dozens of cans of mushrooms, tomato sauce, 5 bottles of fabric softener). While we didn't see one, I'm sure there was a fallout shelter somewhere on property. The yard came complete with no less than 6 bird houses and a matching pair of ceramic kittens climbing the outside of the house. I almost wanted to buy it for sheer entertainment value. It was obviously lovingly maintained, and had it been a little less expensive it would have been a good house. Fun fun stuff. I like shopping for houses!

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