Monday, March 14, 2005

Dueling (piano?) blogs

Since Peanut (for those of you who don't know, that's my little sister) and I seem to often play a fun game of phone tag .... this blog's for you! She's going to be spending the summer here in New Jersey interning at Ryan's base. I know ... she's coming to New Jersey on purpose. Since everything here unfortunately moves at the speed of government, the nice people at ONR (the Office of Naval Research) have not yet notified her that she does indeed have a position at Lakehurst this summer. Apparently, she has to accept ONR (which means that they have to call her) before Lakehurst can call. So rest assured my darlingest, you're going to New Jersey. Somohow, that doesn't seem to have the same ring as "Going to Disney World!"

Unfortunately, what I do not know and have not the means to find out is whether significant other Brad also has an internship. I have to assume that even the nearly pulseless at ONR understand that summer break is quickly approaching and will notify the applicants very soon. But you know what happens when you assume ...

I will keep you updated as news breaks.

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Becky said...


Hi! I've tried to comment on your blog before, but Internet Explorer doesn't like me lately. (Which is why I've switched to Firefox. Anyway...) I can't wait for summer and I'm so excited! Thank you for blogging to me! (Yes, blog can be used for all parts of speech.) I hope those silly ONR folks get a hold of me soon. Sheesh. Happy House Hunting! (I'll help you move this summer, too. I'm really good at packing/unpacking/forcing other people to pack & unpack crap.) Love ya!

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