Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Really amazing

We've been taking pictures of Tucker on the couch to see how much he's changed in an objective way. I recently looked at a picture from early April and compared to last week. It's truly amazing that babies grow so much in their first months of life. He's probably doubled his birth weight at this point. We don't know exactly what he weighs since he doesn't have another Dr. appointment until July. We're thinking about taking him to the do-it-yourself post office and weighing him on the scale there. My guess would be he's about 11 pounds right now. He just keeps getting cuter too!


Strange and Charm said...

He may be bigger, but he's still 20 pounds shy of making you have more kid than kitty. I love that one of the cats is usually visible at the edges of the picture. How have they reacted?

Jenn said...

They mostly ignore him. Chief gets annoyed because he doesn't have lap all the time anymore. He also rarely will sit with you if you have Tucker.

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