Sunday, August 26, 2007

A story about a mattress

Ryan and I decided that it was time to be grown ups and get a queen sized bed. Since craiglist is our friend, we found a rather nice used one for a fraction of the new cost. We went and picked it up with no problems...just strapped it onto the top of the Pathfinder. Then we tried to get it in the bedroom. The mattress went up no problem. The box spring was another story. Even my engineer husband couldn't twist it in enough directions to get it into the bedroom.

So he called another engineer buddy and the discussed what to do. What he decided was to take the 3 wooden braces off the box spring. We got it to flex just enough to get it into the nursery and then into the bedroom. Now Ry just has to put the braces back on. We figured worst case scenario was that we destroyed the box spring and had to buy a platform bed frame or one of the box springs that comes in two. The funny part about this is that there are a ton of queen size box springs on craigslist from people who couldn't fit them up the stairs. Guess they didn't have engineer husbands.


Strange and Charm said...

I agree - engineer husbands are quite helpful! Lately, Brad has been fixing all things electronic.

Craigslist is good stuff. Hope you like your new mattress. Did you get headboard/footboard as well?

Jenn said...

No headboard and footboard at this moment. Our bedroom furniture is currently a motley collection that Ry and I have collected over the years. Nothing matches (perhaps the last room in our house where that is the case). We're trying to decide if we get an interim headboard/footboard or wait and buy a whole set of grown up furniture somewhere down the line.

K said...

My new rommate and I went through the exact same thing last night. He got a queen size bed (I'm still stuck in a full) from a prof who was upgrading to a king. We got the mattress in the truck (which I'm selling next week :( and had to tie the boxspring to the roof. It took us a while to get the boxspring in his room. An engineer would have been very helpful.

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