Thursday, April 04, 2013

What says "oooo, ooooo"?

Yesterday was my husband’s 33rd birthday. For the next 7 months, we are the same age. He chose a favorite meal of mine for dinner (maple-glazed pork tenderloin) and cookie bars instead of cake.  Somehow, our birthdays are never a VERY BIG DEAL around these parts. It’s hard to get crazy about 33. Still, it was a lovely meal and we had lovely company and (I hope) he had a lovely day.

Here are the cookie bars.

And some pictures of us enjoying them.

Pictures of Ry opening his birthday gifts:

Bear’s favorite joke these days goes like this:
What says “ooo, ooo”?
A cow with no lips!
My stepdad got so tickled by this joke that he laughed for a good 5 minutes the other night at dinner. So last night, Ry got a very special birthday card:

And what’s your favorite joke these days?

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