Monday, December 09, 2013

Stalking and capturing the tree

We planned to go and cut our own tree this year for the first time. Yesterday, it started snowing big fat snowflakes. It couldn't be a more perfect day for tree adventuring. The boys were decked out for the weather.

And after some searching, we found a perfect tree. I honestly wanted one that was about 4 feet tall, given our limited space. The kids (and if I'm being honest, Ry) overruled me. Still, it was a lovely tree.

It was quickly cut.

 And dragged back to the car. Gummy Bear insisted on carrying back to the car. He made it most of the way before asking for some help.

And then it was decorating time.

Hurray Christmas Tree!


Becky said...

So fun and snowy! I'm jealous!

Rebecca said...

Gummy Bear's smile! So good!

Cathy said...

Brings back lots if memories of our Tree-hunting days! We hope to resurrect that tradition in a few years

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