Friday, January 24, 2014

On finding my people

It took me a long time to bond with New Jersey. I spent the first several years here waiting to move back to Oz. Then I had a bit of an epiphany about how rare it was that my husband genuinely like his job and I got busy getting happy. A big part of that was making friends. It seems especially difficult to do that in this part of the country. People who grow up in New Jersey go to school in New Jersey, live in New Jersey and die in New Jersey. Their family is generally around the corner or (at worst) a few exits away. Aside from having harder edges than midwesterners, they also just don't need you. They have friends, family and associates they have already known forever. 

After Gummy Bear was born, I joined a mom's group. It was what ended up saving my sanity. While the group no longer exists, I gained several wonderful friends. They are also people who came from other places. When we started going to our church, we also made some wonderful friends. While most of the people who attend the church are from here, they live in more rural areas of the state. Their sensibilities are a lot more like the people I grew up around than many in these parts.

I take the boys to a few INFLATABLE PARTY-PALOOZA PLACES on days when we have been inside for too long. A year ago I met woman who had recently moved here from a place far out west. I invited her to our church and we have been friends since. Today I met another woman and we bonded over a bouncy house. Her husband works in the military and they are also new to the area. We are going to meet up next week.

There isn't really a point to this long, rambley post, except to say that I am ever so happy to have found my people. It just goes to prove that no matter where you are, there are always people like you. You just have to look to find them. Hurray for that.

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