Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Closing ... delayed

Our closing was delayed until Friday because the seller got "Clerked".


"Clerked" - when a low-level self-important bureaucrat has a bad day and decides you must pay for it.

Thanks for the fun new term, My Love.

Our seller did some serious remodeling to the house. He got all of the permits he was required to get. Apparently, if you redo a kitchen sink, you only have to get a permit if you move it. He did not. The Township Inspector decided arbitrarily that he did. Yeah. So he couldn't get his Certificate of Occupancy in time for a Wednesday closing. Friday it is.

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sapsparky said...

one of the times i'm happy to live in a small town. i don't have to get any permits for interior remodeling. only exterior additions to the structure or exterior structures :)

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