Wednesday, May 04, 2005

House inspections

Our home inspection was yesterday. I didn't get to go, but Ryan spent a few hours with the structural engineer. It was mostly good news. There were only small things wrong with the house, which means we're still planning on a May 18 close. I can't believe we're actually buying a house.

One of Ryan's colleagues heard a good "duh" story about house mortgages. Kristi is also looking for a house. One of the houses she is considering bidding on was under contract when she first looked at it. It's not anymore. Why? The people who were going to buy it went out and bought a bunch of new furniture and a new car. The mortgage company couldn't give them the loan anymore because they screwed up their credit. Dumb dumb dumb dumb. They should have read the book "Duh ... stuff you shouldn't do when someone is going to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars." The title's a little long, but I think it could be a big seller!

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