Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stupid ways to hurt myself

I have now gotten hurt in two of the most ridiculous ways possible in the past 5 days. On Easter Sunday, Dad and Laurel's cat, Sophie was investigating a heating vent. She got her paw stuck in the vent, freaked out and streaked across the room, vent intact, and whacked me in the ankle as she ran by, thereby dislodging the vent, scratching the floor, and leaving an impressive welt on my leg.

This, however, has nothing on my adventure at work today. My office is being moved from the back of the building to the front, near our new learning center. My old office has carpet, my new one has highly polished tile. You might be thinking I tripped and fell ... it was nothing that graceful. My computer's hard drive got loose in the move and one of the guys in the office was helping me fix it. I sat in my chair and leaned to get something (what, I can't remember) when my chair slipped out from under me and came down on top of me, nailing my nose with the hard, plastic arm. I don't actually remember what happened, but this is what the obversers later told me. Here's what I remember ... "Oh crap ... ow ow ow ow ow." As I was lying on the floor holding my now very painful nose, I remember thinking about how in self-defense you are supposed to push attacker's noses into their brains and what a stupid way this was to die. Luckily, all I ended up with was a swollen nose and wounded pride. We called one of the mill's first responders and they wrote an "incident report." Now I'll be the topic of discussion at the next staff meeting. I'm just hoping I don't end up with bloodshot eye(s) tomorrow.

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Khouray said...

Poor Jenn (and poor Sophie too)! If it makes you feel any better I actually hit myself in the face with an eraser in front of my class. It didn't hurt but it was embarrassing.

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