Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today was administrative assistant day

And this is a funny story. These are the flowers I received for Adminstrative Assistant Day today. You might be thinking to yourself, "Self, Jenn isn't an administrative assistant, she's an HR Representative." Well, you'd be right.

Our mill manager is in his 60s and Brazillian. Today he had a luncheon to celebrate AA Day. The honorees? All the women in the mill, including myself and the mill accountant. He proceeded to give a lengthy speech in front of of the senior management staff about how the ladies in the mill enable them to get their jobs done on time and keep them organized.

I realize of course, that his heart was in the right place. I also had a hard time today deciding if I was going to be offended. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to be. What do you think, am I reading too much into an innocent gesture?


sapsparky said...

I think that you've really already answered your question about getting offended. On top of that, you feel that he was showing genuine appreciation, if somewhat misplaced.

mktgangel said...

That used to happen to me, too. As an executive, I'd usually avoid going to restaurants on AA day, otherwise I'd end up with a rose or worse, a carnation. But at least it wasn't my own boss doing it. (Maybe the Portugese translation for "Administrative Assistant" is "woman".) I'm sure he wrestled with where to draw the line and wanted to err on the side of inclusion versus exclusion.

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