Friday, June 23, 2006

And so it begins

I don't really enjoy driving. Anticipated for years, it quickly lost its appeal after the errand running, sister driving, and parking space hunting final years of high school. Even in college, I didn't mind driving. It was certainly better than trying to drag home 8 bags of groceries on the bus. I never understood my husband's obsession with cars. As much as I enjoy my truck, I still give up driving whenever possible.

It's pretty ironic then that I ended up in a state where the average commute is over 30 minutes and mine comes in at 45 on no-traffic days. For the past three summers, I have dreaded the end of the school year. In NJ, school doesn't end until the 3rd or 4th week of June. Each week of the month means more schools out and more families traveling "down the shore" to their weekend slum houses. Now, I don't begrudge people their summer vacations, but I do get a little tired of 90-120 minute commutes every Friday during the summer. It doesn't really matter if I leave early. Today for example, I left the office at 3:30. Commuting time: 90 minutes. It sucked only slightly less than the 2 hours it would have been had I left at 5 pm, as usual. My options on Friday are 11 am or 8 pm. Not great options, if you want my opinion. Stupid shore anyway.

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