Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gummy Bear-ness

Gummy Bear is going to be 4 and a half in a few short weeks. I'm having a hard time processing the fact that my baby is going into Pre-K this year. Talk to me this time next year and I'll probably be a blubbering fool. 

Gummy Bear is a sturdy, quick, high energy boy. If I had a fraction of his energy ... I'd get a lot more done. He'll happily spend an hour chasing his brother around the patio and then run around the house for an hour longer.

Gummy Bear is fascinated with all things electronic or mechanical. He loves Mario, and right now he'd happily watch Wall-E everyday if I let him. He also seems to spend a fair amount of time pondering how things work. I overheard him and Ry discussing jet planes for a good 20 minutes one evening. "And what would happen if a bird flew in the engine?" I'm afraid I'll come downstairs some morning only to find that he's disassembled every remote, cell phone and electronic device in the house. At least we'll have tech support when we're old.

While Gummy Bear spends a lot of time tormenting his brother, he also has moments of breathtaking sweetness. He brought Cheeky Monkey's lunch outside for him. He also came and comforted Cheeky when he had a diaper rash; holding his hand and kissing his cheek, murmuring, "It'll be OK, Cheeky."

Gummy Bear is one of the most independent, outgoing kids I've ever met. He'll strike up a conversation with whoever he meets and often gets frustrated when people in stores or on the street don't notice him waving them down from across the room. When he started at the new school last week, he walked in without hesitation while tossing me a "Bye, Mama." His teachers have raved about how quickly he seemed like part of the class. They also told me how very polite he is ... so maybe they're just buttering me up.

And then there's this:

Taking out all those suppressed urges to beat up his brother? I'm already envisioning his starring role on "Robot Chefs Duel Supreme ... of Doom!" Whoever he grows up to be, I'm sure enjoying him now. Also, how stinking cute is his little voice? Not ready for the growing and the aging. So. Much. Love.

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melydia said...

That's adorable. And your mom's looking great!

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