Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby curls ... gone

This weekend I decided it was finally time for Cheeky Monkey to get a haircut. As cute as the baby curls are, his hair started looking messy all the time. It was also time for Gummy Bear's second haircut. Yes, he's 4.5 and this is only his second haircut. He was super excited. I think he was mostly excited because he got a lollipop when he was done.
The old pro.

Cheeky Monkey, on the other hand, was pretty unsure about the whole thing. The guy who cut the boys' hair is the owner of the shop, and a super nice guy. He was also lightening fast and gave the boys cute cuts. One of the things he said about Cheeky Monkey is that he wouldn't put the cape on him because kids his age tend to freak out if they can't see their hands.

It's something I never would have considered, but seemed to be good practice, as Cheeky never freaked out. He did, however, seem quite concerned about the whole thing. He got this look on his face as soon as we lifted him into the chair, and didn't lose it until a good 15-20 minutes after we left.

 Here's where I got all teary. Watching those curls fall to the floor was hard. The cut really changes the shape of his face and makes him look much older.

Still, I have to say that I have the two cutest boys in all of New Jersey.
Don't you agree?

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Jason said...

Good gosh those two are cute....and Cheeky is so serious!

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