Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday. Potty.

We've had a very eventful week here in NJ. We started potty training Cheeky Monkey last Friday. He's been dry at home since Sunday. He's having a tough time at school, but at home anyway, it's all dry undies, all the time. And seriously, how cute is his little bum in those undies?

Our other big event for the week was Gummy Bear's 5th Birthday Party. We decided to have the party on a Friday evening instead of a weekend morning since it was half the price. We had a really lovely time. There was lots of sliding and bouncing by kids big and small.

Unfortunately, bouncing sometimes = head bonks. I'm fairly certain Bear is going to have a shiner tomorrow.

Here they are on the giant slide. There were a few more at the party than we managed to wrangle onto the slide, but this is the majority.


And cake. Making this cake was an adventure for another time. It was fun though, and turned out pretty well.

And of course, there were presents. There were also meltdowns because it was well after bedtime by the time we got home. And that, my friends, is why my kids have bedtimes.

This was, by far, my favorite picture of the evening. Someday, we'll see this picture at their wedding.

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