Monday, March 12, 2012

Goings on: a list

1. Cheeky Monkey got sick (again) the day after my last post. His daycare called me lunchtime to tell me he had a fever. This time, I took him straight to the Dr. (I have learned my lesson, thank you pneumonia). This time he had an ear infection. The antibiotics cleared it up and we've all been pretty healthy since then.
2. I started my mental health rotation. This is the second rotation where I thought, "this is not for me."
4. We registered Gummy Bear for kindergarten. How is this possible? It went really smoothly, but I couldn't help but feel a little melancholy. He seems pretty excited though, and the school has a good reputation in the district.
5. Spring has sprung here in NJ. We've had a string of gorgeous days. The kids have spent loads of time playing outside, we decided to have our very first grilled pizza of the season. I'll tell you what, I could eat this every day once the tomatoes are in season. Serious yum.
Step the first: roll out pizza, put on grill, low heat. Flip once the underside starts to feel solid. Brush on garlic-infused olive oil.

Step the second: T'OMATOES!

Step the third: mozzarella and basil.

Step the fourth: Yum.
 5. My Gummy Bear turns 5 tomorrow. *Sniffle* He is beyond excited and has been telling anyone who will listen about how he gets 3 parties this year (one for school, one for the family and the friend party at the local bouncy, eaty, melt-downy house). Because he's really into Wall-E this year, that's what he wanted for his party theme. He asked for gray and blue cupcakes "because they look like Wall-E." The blue turned out less like sky or space and more like ... cotton candy. The gray shows more purple than anything. And then I ran out of the other colors and had to come up with a third color. Ry suggested orange-brown (you know, cause Wall-E is rusty). The orange came out more ... fleshy. I can't help but think, wow, those are some ugly cupcakes. I can only imagine the big reveal tomorrow at school. "Ew, Miss Kristina, I don't want the one that looks like skin!" "Why does mine look dirty?" Well kids, those are the breaks. Next year, ask the Bear to pick some normal, mainstream birthday colors.
Gray, seriously?
And that is what's new in our little corner of the world. What's new with you?


melydia said...

I like how the mental health rotation caused you to miss a number. Seems appropriate, somehow.

Cathy said...

Psych nursing was definitely not for me either, interesting considering my previous career. Love Bear's choice of colors, as unique as he is, I'm sure they are delicious. Hugs to my big 5 year old!!

Jube said...

melydia -- if only you knew how appropriate. I'm going to leave it that way.

Cathy -- I think pysch, like l&d is one of those love-it-or-hate-it areas. I know which side I fall on. Bear's classmates fought over the blue cupcakes. None of them came home though, so they must have been edible.

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