Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful weekend without work

I took my final on Friday. For those of you playing along, that makes me a graduate nurse! (Provided I didn't score less than 48%, which seems unlikely). I feel ... strange. I went into the weekend without anything to do. I didn't have any paperwork to finish. I didn't have any case studies to complete. I didn't have any tests to study for. It's kind of weird. And wonderful. 

Yes, I realize I do have that pesky NCLEX still looming, but I decided to take the weekend off, completely, from nursing. It was truly, truly lovely. Since the boys were in school Friday, and my love was off work, after my final we went to see The Avengers, which is the best kind of campy awesome. I enjoyed it so much, that we spent the past few evenings watching the Iron Man movies (which I refused to watch with Ry the when they came out). My bad.

Saturday dawned sunny and warm, so we decided that our inaugural visit to Sesame Place was in order.  They've done some really cute stuff with bushes this year. Sadly, the kids don't know Snuffleupagus. He's not on Sesame Street much anymore. Do you remember when only Big Bird could see him? That was awesome. Big Bird had schizophrenia. I digress.

We went to see a show called "Lazy Town." It was essentially propaganda for eating healthy. Not a bad message, but Cheeky Monkey was less than thrilled. Also, a bit concerned that his parents had finally lost it. That is what 2 years of nursing school will do to you, folks.

Gummy Bear was in Gummy Bear heaven all day. I really think that Sesame Place is his happy place.

 They both had fun trying to get to the top of the climbey, slippery thing.

And this may be my favorite picture from the day. There is something really funny about watching toddlers slide down a giant rubber pyramid. I don't know why.

The day pretty well wiped them out. They are so sweet when they are unconscious.

Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day. It was the first Mother's Day that I've actually gotten to spend with my mom in years. It was lovely. We decided to spend the morning at the Azalea Festival. It's held every year on Mother's Day in a gorgeous little park with loads of gorgeous flora. It's a perfect Mother's Day destination.
We somehow managed to get some good shots of the kids with us.

And then the boys got to play in some .... interesting bouncy contraptions.

 After the festival, the men took the kids so mom and I could spend a few hours together. We went shopping and ate yogurt. It's also been a while since we were able to just be together ... so that was great.  Greg made us a delicious dinner of ribs, sweet corn, quinoa and pineapple. Cheeky Monkey, like his mother, eats ribs so that there is nothing left on the bone.

It was a great weekend. How was your Mother's Day?


Kate Weber said...

Great photos. Your hair looks lovely too - is it different or am I just out of touch?

Becky said...

Those are great photos. Looks like you and Mom had a really fun time. (Happy Belated Mother's Day, by the way.)

About those bouncy "contraptions"... you'd think someone in the marketing department would have noticed!

Jube said...

Thanks Kate. I had my hair chemically straightened about a year ago. It was a horrible mistake and I finally got the last of the straight cut off. So Yes, it's different because it's curly.

Thanks Becky. The worse part about the contraptions was watching kids go in and out.

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