Thursday, October 21, 2004

The electoral college is a joke

Just read another article about how there is a real possibility that we could have a tied vote in the electoral college this year. This is just one more reason that the electoral college system needs to go away.

* Minority voters (political, not racial) in states that are heavily one sided are ignored.
* Small states are ignored (And I know all the arguments about how it would be worse if we got ride of the college, I just don't buy it. At least if candidates were elected by popular vote voters in Wyoming could come into play because then ....
* Each vote would count. Seriously though. In a race that is likely to be one of the tightest in our Nation's history, a few thousand votes could make a difference.
* It's just dumb that a person can be elected President but not win the popular vote. Dumb Dumb Dumb. While I realize that I'm not making a great argument here, how can we say we live in a democracy (or even a republic) when we can have a President who didn't win the highest number of votes. It is an outrage to my sense of justice that this is the system by which we elect our highest leaders. Dumb!

In conclusion: The Electoral College Blows.

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sapsparky said...

and in an age where it is relatively easy to get up to speed on where the candidates stand on issues and make a decently informed opinion, the need for the electoral college continues to diminish.

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