Saturday, October 16, 2004

Go Illinois, Go Illi - noooooo!

Today was a disappointing football day. After leading Michigan for a quarter, Illinois once again choked under pressure and lost 30 - 19. Sad ...

We also saw Navy get a beating by Notre Dame today at the Meadowlands. On the up side, I saw my cousin, Andy there (pictures to follow). It took me about an hour of tailgating before I realized that he might be there. Sure enough! Since he is in the drum and bugle core and one of the tallest humans on the planet, he was pretty easy to pick out of the crowd. He seems like he's enjoying his first year at Annapolis, although he looked a little peaked. All in all a good day and fun to watch all the uniformed men stand throughout the entire game. Yeah football!


Illinois Tuckers said...!!! Is it basketball season yet? How about now? How about now?

Glad you got to see Andy. At least you had some fun then. Bring on the pictures. Did you guys get to talk?

Not much new here really. Laurel finished her stained glass project today. Can't feel her fingertips. Hopefully that is temporary. Randy couldn't fly today. Too windy. So was forced to watch the Illinois game on TV. Like a train wreck, he couldn't seem to look away. Did we ask if it was basketball season yet?

Jenn said...

Yikes, that loss of feeling in the fingers thing can't be good. Is that normal?

sapsparky said...

Go Illini basketball! But Dicki-V can kiss my ass. How is Michigan St. ahead of us? We won the Big Ten and returned all of our starters?????? Dicki-V is on Crack.

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