Friday, October 15, 2004

Just back from the Big Apple

I unfondly recalled my college days this week. Three full days of training and 6 hours of homework later, I am officially empathied-out. "I understand that working with a difficult person can be frustrating." I'm a trainer, not a therapist. In all seriousness, I learned some valuable information and had a great time. Ghislaine (my supervisor) read through my feedback and told me that I get to keep my job for another week. We get to pay our rent again this month, alright!

New York was great. Ryan came up with me Monday night and we saw Newsicals. If you're ever in the City, I highly recommend this show. It spoofed every current event, from John Kerry ("blah blah, Vietnam") to George Bush ("Uh, what's going on?") and the benefits of modern medicine ("Ridilin, Thintrim & Prozac"). We laughed for two solid hours and left feeling good that at least someone else sees the ridiculousness of the world today.

Glad to be home, nonetheless. I have to admit that paying $19 for a BLT is not my idea of a good time.

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