Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No more Christmas carols

Several school districts in New Jersey have decided that Christmas carols can no longer be sung at holiday concerts. No Christmas Carols, Hanukah Songs, Kwanza songs ... but especcially no Christmas Carols. Instead, just songs about Santa and Snowmen and that special "Holiday" feeling. Why? They don't want to offend anyone. Um ... yeah. Winter breaks are because of relgious holidays. I understand not singing songs about only Christmas or only Hanukah but seriously, people need to get over themselves and stop being so freaking over sensitive. Is it going to change my life? No, not really. Does it kind of piss me off? Yep.


sapsparky said...

meh. it moves the cultural center back to the family/friends/church/etc setting and out of the schools. i think it's a long term positive if you can ever get the schools (specifically publicly funded grade/middle/high schools) to a point where they are as level a location as possible for young poeple to learn and form their own opinions and viewpoints. yup, there's my idealism coming through.

Jenn said...

I suppose I would agree with you if anyone could ever present ideas and facts in a way that was non-biased. I just don't think it's possible to be an unbiased human. Just not possible. In the absence of that, at the very least kids should be exposed to as many cultures and experiences as possible, not just the "Holiday" experience. Also, kids are naturally curious about others who believe differently and incorporating all holiday viewpoints encourages open dialogue.

sapsparky said...

oh, and be careful what you wish for or your kids will learn that much of the history and customs of Christianity are just borrowed or co-opted from other cultures and religions.

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