Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Last Few Weeks

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The Friday before last, Ryan and I flew down to Tampa for a mini-vacation before my work trip. We got to spend an evening with his Mumu and Papa. I really enjoyed hearing their stories about life when they first got married. We also spent a really great day at Busch Gardens. It was supposed to thunder storm all weekend, but we had mostly beautiful weather. During the one storm we got, we were walking in the "Safari" and spent an hour in a hollowed out jeep with a hyena in the bed. We hung out with a hyena!

Ryan had to go back to New Jersey on Sunday (yeah ... sad) while I had three days of business trip ahead of me. The hotel I stayed in was great. I actually slept pretty well, which is unusual when Ry's not around. I did find that I rolled from one end of the huge king bed to the other, but oh well. The trip went well, although I was exhausted by the time I got back in town.

Dad and Laurel were in town for the 4th of July weekend. We got to see some really good fireworks on Sunday (the finale was all the stuff they forgot to shoot during the rest of the show ... it looked like daylight). We spent most of the day Monday at the beach, where the waves were fabulous and watching Becky get knocked head over keister was good fun.

So today I decided I should probably blog again since it's been a long time and I don't want to be one of the non-blogging bloggers. So, yeah, here ya go.

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