Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This is directed at you!

Disclaimer: If you are my Mom, my Dad, Frank or Jason, this is not directed at you.

Ahem ... it has come to my attention (thank you Kassie) that many more people actually read this thing than I thought. So why don't you write me back!?! What's the deal with that? See, here's how it works, I share my thoughts, you share yours and so on and so forth. Ok? Ok.


sapsparky said...

lol :)

Frank said...

To sapsparky...You call that a comment? :)
To Jenn...keep up the good work.
To Kassie...how are you?

Anonymous said...

Uhh.. I have commented quite regularly thank you.. just not in the last few months as I have been slaving away in Denver.. more news on that when I get back!

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