Friday, January 13, 2006

The Elliptical Experience

I had to work a whole 5-day week this week. Same thing next week. I think there's something wrong with that. Especially because Ryan has two more 4-day weeks in a row before our 2-day going to Hawaii week. I want to work for the government. I think we should petition for a 4-day work week ... or at least a 40 hour maximum.

Ryan bought an elliptical machine this week. He's down in the basement now trying to put it together. It has a real lot of pieces. I'm glad he bought it though, since he has a tough time actually getting to the gym. We had a blast shopping for them. We tried out everything from the ones you find at the gym to ones I was afraid I would break if I actually stood on them. We also tried the Gazelle. For anyone who was considering buying one after seeing the infomercial ... don't, just don't. It's wrong on levels I can't even explain.

In other news, our Christmas lights are still up outside the house. Poll: how many of you have taken down your lights? Since about half the houses in our neighborhood still have their lights up I don't feel like the freaky all year Christmas light people yet.


sapsparky said...

lights are down - went down a week or two ago :)

illinifan7 said...

Mine are still up, as well as the Christmas tree, but the ornaments are off the tree!!!

map said...

I live in an apartment.. I never had any.. bah humbug!

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