Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finally, a weekend to recoup

After 3 weekends away from home (total: 12 days out of town, 6 days home) we finally have a weekend at home this week. Today we didn't leave the house until 7 pm. Ryan finally got the window framing in the office done and I cleaned the house, which was beginning to look like a garage sale. Ahhh, order at last.

We also watched a very disappointing Illini loss to Iowa this afternoon. I suppose we were all surprised to be 15-0, but to Iowa?

The cats seem to be very happy that we didn't abandone them again this weekend. They were super pissed when we got home after skiing. They were so attention starved that they would walk by and rub against our legs but didn't want to be held. They're better now.

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Anonymous said...

Greg-being from Iowa, was quite happy about the Iowa win. Sorry.



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