Friday, March 02, 2007

RIP little car

Last Tuesday, I got a call on my way into work from Ryan. We had an ice storm a few days before and he was heading down a hill about 3 blocks from our house when the car started skidding. Apparently, it did a 180, hit the guard rail and did another 180, leaving most of the passenger side of the car mashed up. He's OK. He's also very very sad. The car is 13 years old, and the collision center stopped adding up the damage when it reached $4288.

When I arrived onsite, I saw Ryan picking up pieces of the car from the road. Sad. The damage looks mostly superficial, but when he started to drive away, I saw green liquid (which turns out to be normal in a car) gushing from the underside and black plastic (which turns out to be a fan) falling under the car. We don't really know how much the damage was, since our insurance company considered it a complete loss.

It's one of those situations where no matter what the insurance offers you for the car, it's not enough to replace it. It was a great little car. We knew it had been well taken car of and Ryan loved that car. Sorry little car, you were well loved.

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Becky said...

Sad! I'm sorry the little green car is gone, too. But I'm mostly glad you're okay, Ryan!

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