Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm officially huge. At this point, everything is swollen. The nurse at my doctor's office even pointed out to me that my ankles are swollen (which was very nice of her, I might add). I'll definitely take this stage of pregnancy over the 5 months of puking I did, but dude, I'm ready to have my body back. Next week, I am officially considered a "full term" pregnancy.

I've been bumping into people with my belly, since I'm apparently still not aware of the extra padding I'm carrying around. They feel bad and I feel silly.

Friday is also my last day of work. I have a lot to get finished up, but I am really excited to spend some time at home, getting the nursery ready and catching up on sleep (since I'll be quite sleep deprived for a while afterwards). The nurse also told me I need to spend more time laying down with my feet up (that swelling thing again), so not working will help with that. Hooray for maternity leave!

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