Sunday, March 04, 2007

Watching the kids play

I realize I may have been a little sneaky when I told Ryan "they do better in pairs" when we got the cats. That being said, we get some of the greatest joy from playing with them and watching them beat each other up. I completely understand the studies that show that people with animals are happier and live longer lives. It's just hard to be in a bad mood watching the animals jump, beat and bite on each other. Watching them run into the wall chasing a laser pointer is pretty funny too. I'm glad they have each other for company since we're gone most of the day.

Chief really likes the baby. He's almost always on Ryan's lap if we're both home, but for the past 3 weeks or so, he really likes to lay on or near my belly. It should be interesting to see what happens after the baby is born.


Strange and Charm said...

Kitty! Nice sofa, too!

RFT said...

Nothing like having a baby to truly reduce pets to "pet" status. They're still cute though.

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