Sunday, May 10, 2009

A lovely (Mother's) day it was

I had just about the best Mother's Day a mom could ask for.  My 2 requests for the day were to go to a local festival called the Azalea Festival and to not have to cook.  Both were fulfilled.  Here we are at the gazebo in a gorgeous local park called Sayen Gardens.  It was started in 1912 and has something like a quarter of a million flowering bulbs.  It is really beautiful.
T cooperated a little better with Ry on the group shots.  How cute are my men?
There was a moonbounce that we thought T would have a blast with.  He really wanted no part of it until I climbed in with him.  Then it was pretty cool
Really cool.
Of course we had to get the obligatory smelling flowers shot.
And here's the first belly shot of the pregnancy.  I'm starting to show much earlier in this pregnancy.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I'm 13 weeks and change.  Probably no one except me and Ry can really tell a difference.  I mostly look like I spent too long at the buffet table.


Frank said...

Great pics of the Thomas family. Thanks

nana said...

You are just too too cute.:)


Cathy said...

Love the dress, I am having a heck of a time finding cute dresses that fit me right (darn those things anyway!) Where do you find them?

Jenn said...

Honestly, my mom made this one. I've had some luck at Ross and Kohls though.

Jo said...

You are lovely jenn, this pregnancy looks good on you!

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