Thursday, May 28, 2009

Perched on the horns of a dilemma


I am currently taking prerequisites to start an RN program.  There are 3 nursing programs in my county.  One is offered through the community college, and the other two are offered via area hospitals.  After my crazy 6 week micro course, I will have finished the prereqs for the two hospital program.  The cc requires 3 additional courses.  I am registered for 2 of them during summer  session 2 and one as an evening course in the spring (baby T.2 will be 2-3 months old).

I've been chatting with folk all semester about the relative benefits/downsides of each program.  What I've learned is that people generally think the hospital programs produce a higher quality of nurse and have a more rigorous program overall.  I have also heard that the instructor for the cc program is a nightmare.  Interestingly, I am more likely to get into the hospital programs than the cc program.  The hospital programs are more interested in grades and recommendations/essays than anything.  The cc is more interested in whether you've finished all prereqs before petitioning, how long you've been enrolled (the longer the better), and then grades.  This puts me at a disadvantage because I'll be finishing my final prereq the spring after I actually petition, and I've only been enrolled at cc for a year or so.

So here's the question ... it is even worth it to take the extra courses?  Not only do I have to pay for them, I also have to pay for 2 extra months of T's preschool and then have to take an evening class with a wee infant.  Plus, the rest of my summer is shot (which is lame, but not the end of the world). I also think that if I were accepted at all three, the cc would be at the bottom of my list.  What would you do?


Becky said...

Given all that, I would totally skip the last three classes and just apply to the hospital programs. The community college program sounds like more work for zero benefit.

Cath said...

Ditch the other 2 for sure! Sounds like the hospital program is the way to go and i'm sure you will have no problem being accepted.

Amanda said...

I'd skip the extra courses and apply to both hospital programs. Would you still be applying to start those programs Fall 2010?
In that case I would also suggest taking (or meeting with someone to 'make') on a volunteer/internship position related to your field one day a week or so. It'll give you a great rec. letter and since you'll not have been in class that recently it also shows your commitment to continued learning.

Jenn said...

Thanks all. You're reinforcing where I was already heading.

@ Amanda, I'd love to take an internship or volunteer position, but having a toddler to put in preschool and a baby due in November makes it ... difficult. I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope to still be accepted.

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