Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pu ... pu ... cookie!

Since we've had three days of rain, I thought it might be fun to make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon.  I remember doing this with my Dad, and it's one of my favorite childhood memories.  T was actually quite a big help.  He poured the ingredients in the bowl, and directed my arm as I was mixing.  He also quite happily helped to lick the beaters when we were finished.  He also had 2 warm cookies and has been asking for more ever since.  We told him that he couldn't have any more cookies until after dinner.  We asked him if he wanted pizza or pasta for dinner.  His answer? "Pu ... pu ... cookie!"


Becky said...

I agree. Cookies for dinner is a BRILLIANT idea.

Cathy said...

I ahve been thinking about cookies all week thanks to this post so I finally broke down and made some today!

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