Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cross-Country Adventures

Last Thursday we set out for our big cross-country adventure. This was our first real road trip, and we were hoping to have T sleep through much of the 14 hour car ride. I'd just like to say that a DVD player is the best thing that could have happened to car trips. Here's T relaxing in his seat, watching a little Dora on the road.
And here we are the next day. Unfortunately, T slept for about 2 hours after bedtime and then woke up, pretty miserable. I kind of figured that might happen, since he's a belly sleeper. We stopped in a town near Pittburgh, with about 500 miles to go. The second day went better than we could have wished for. He watched TV or played with his toys, took a 90 minute nap (we usually only get 30 in the car), and didn't get super cranky until the last 45 minutes or so.
We got in and immediately put him to work. This is actually the morning after we arrived. He's fascinated by the house vac at Papa's house. We've been having a really fun, albeit low-key visit. Later, I'll get some pictures up from the water spray park in town. This afternoon, we're visiting our favorite Oz Orchard and petting zoo. I'm going to be sad to return east. We've got another 3 days before our road trip home. Sigh. Visits with the family always fly by.

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