Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Overdue Update

Ok, so I've been a bit of a slacker, blogwise. I got some (undeserved) crap from my sis-in-law about not posting a couple of days ago, so here's the bit long update. My class is over. Hurrah! I've been mostly working on getting my disaster-area house under control and basking in not having anything to do but gestate and take care of my little man. We took T to the fireworks for the first time this year. We were worried that he would be scared of the sound, but he wasn't. Not even for a second.Here he is enjoying the flashlights we brought along. This is his "cheese" face. You'll see it a lot.
We were camped out on a little hill and kept ourselves amused by encouaging T to roll down the hill. After a few minutes, the little boy on the blanket next to us joined in the fun.
Enjoying the fireworks with Daddy.
You can kind of see his big old ears sticking out below the fireworks. He went from sitting on my lap, to Ry's, to the stroller, to just standing and watching. The fireworks were all he could talk about for the next 2 days. "Fireworks! Up in the sky! Loud!"
This was actually a few days later at our second, much less successful fireworks attempt. We had some friends down for the weekend (and took practically no pictures). T came down with the Coxsackie Virus (also known as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease). It causes a very sore throat and fever. We left the fireworks early because he was almost asleep. And they kind of sucked.
The weekend of Coxsackie. I'm trying to entice him with some cheese. We're sitting in the doorway because that's where he decided he would eat the cheese. When they're sick, they get away with a lot.
And this is this morning. We had a yummy diner breakfast before heading out to another Freedom Fest in the area. I'm very happy to be eating again. Mmmmm, omelets.
T, showing us the sheep.
Flying the helicopter.
And driving the dune buggy. We had a fun morning. We also ran into some folks who run a preschool co-op that's 1/3 the price we're paying for about 2/3 the time we're getting. It obviously wouldn't work when I'm back in school, but we're looking into it for the year I'm taking off to gestate and take care of baby T2.

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Cathy said...

I didn't know the poor baby was sick! I'm sorry for harrassing you. Love the outfit though

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