Monday, June 29, 2009

Neighborly Etiquette

It has been raining here in NJ for about a month. We've had 6 inches of rain, and the weather folks are saying it could be a record month. Unfortunately for us, a month of rain = mosquitos the size of your head. We've made sure to empty T's kiddie pool and water table after each deluge to keep the backyard as mosquito free as possible.

Our neighbor? Not so much. Last summer she installed a giant inflatable pool. It's about 3 feet deep and is one designed to be taken down each winter. She didn't. The pool cover has since sunk a good 8 inches into the pool and is covered in what I can politely call fetid brown mosquito-orgy liquid. She doesn't use her backyard much, but everytime we go outside, T and I end up with big mosquito bites. My solution is to start chucking those pool chlorine tabs over the fence and into the mess. Ry thinks we ought to discuss with our neighbor. What would you do? I never see her, so to have a conversation, I would have to knock on the door. How, exactly, does one begin this conversation? I'm still rooting for chlorine tabs ....


Cathy said...

A very delicate situation indeed. Mosquitos are crazy in WI to. Eric's mom just had someone come out and spray, and apparently the stuff they use is safer than OFF and environmentally friendly - and works for a month and a half or so. i think they paid 200 for the whole summer. maybe something to consider as it is kind of hard to say to someone - hey your pool is disgusting and it is making our summer miserable.

Becky said...

You know, if it's inflatable you could accidentally poke a giant hole in it. All the water drains and then you don't have to talk to your neighbor! (Pretend you've recently taken up knife throwing or something.)

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