Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More happenings

1. I just took what was, perhaps, the most difficult exam of my (recent) college career. I have to wait until Friday to see if I stuck the landing. There were more than 1000 data points to memorize for this test. Ug.
2. I made pesto with basil from our garden last night. It was good. It's the first of the garden fodder for the year. I'm actively soliciting recipes involving basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini to use the summer bounty.
3. Tucker's memory is getting scary good. He won a fish (stuffed animal) at Sesame Place last weekend. He carried it around for the entire next day. When Ry dropped him at school, he had a hard time convincing him that fish had to stay in the car. Then, Ry left the state. This morning, T asked for the fish. I had to tell him more than once that Daddy was bringing it home tonight and that fish would soon be his again.
4. T has a stuffed dino that we made at Disney in October. It's been one of his favorite toys. When it came time to name it, we let T type whatever he wanted into the computer. What we ended up with was "Ib." And Ib he's been until recently, when T has started calling him "Hibby." I think this is the first animal T has named independently. Hibby has also become part of the night time menagerie and must make the trek upstairs every night.
5. My sister is in Argentina. My mom is in Ireland. I'm in New Jersey. :(
6. We went into Home Depot this weekend expecting to pick up a few items for around the house. We ended up buying a vanity, marble top and vessel sink. The next day (different Home Depot) we bought a shower head and temp controller thingie. Wrap cost: $125. I love clearance. And I luuuurve my new vanity. We had to buy the faucet seperately and it ended up costing as much as everything else combined. I'm not sure when we'll get around to the project, but it's also going to involve a new coat of paint on ceiling and walls and baseboard behind the existing vanity.
7. My class is over in 2 weeks! I have 3 more exams before it's done. Wash your hands.


Becky said...

Sorry, sisterface! Happy new vanity, though!

Frank said...

What a treat, to hear about your lives. Thanks for sharing.
Love you.

Cath said...

On basil: Mom taught me a great trick: Make a big batch of pesto then put a it in a ziploc bag and flatten it all out. Freeze, then you can just break off a piece when you need it a add it directly to pastas etc and the heat from the pasta will melt it! So you get fresh pesto all year!

On location: I will be in Wisconsin this weekend, so actually closer to you guys if it makes it any better

On testing: I'm usre you did well

On veggies: I have a great tortellini soup recipe that involves zucchini, i'll track it down and send it, also have you tried making spaghetti sauce yet? That is another great thing to freeze and have all year long.

missing you guys! Kiss T for me and have Ry kiss the belly (unless you can of course!)

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