Tuesday, June 09, 2009


  • T dropped a can of soup on my big toe from the shopping cart.  It hurt a lot and bled profusely.  As I'm limping around the store, vainly trying to finish my shopping while keeping the toe from bleeding all over the floor, T kept saying, "Owie Mommy. Feel better now?"  Yes babe, I'm feeling better.  Today it is promising to become a lovely violet color.
  • My check engine soon light came on this week (just in time to have the car inspected!)  Ry took it to an autoparts store to read the code on the light to be told that it was a "manufacturer specific" code that they had never seen before.  Undaunted, my hubby scoured the internets to learn how to count the flashes the code made to figure out what it meant.  Last night, he took some time in the car to do just that ... and killed the car battery.  We don't own jumper cables.  Enter one late night trip to Lowes and a battery-jump start thingie and my car is alive and well (with no check engine soon light!).


melydia said...

Howdy. Just wanted to say hey so you know I'm reading your blog and am not just some random stalker. (Who, oddly enough, shows up as Fort Wayne on the location bar even though as far as I know I'm still in Virginia...) Anyway, it's good to keep up. My personal blog is at melydia.livejournal.com if you're curious. --kate weber

nana said...

Sorry about your toe. Hope it feels better soon.Try ice

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