Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Partial Redo

You may remember that this is what our bathroom used to look like. It's perfectly serviceable, but the vanity was pretty cheap and starting to buckle/come apart at its cheap little edges. We knew a new vanity was on the list in the next year or 18 months, but came across this terrific little deal.

Eh, voila! Isn't it perty? We replaced the vanity, painted and hung a new shower curtain. We still have some mudding and painting to do on the ceiling since it started peeling off when Ry attempted to smooth and patch.

We also bought a new shower head and water thingie for the tub, but when we take down the tub surround (which I hate) we'll retile. That is a project for another day. Still on our shorter term list is a new medicine cabinet and light. The current cheap pair look even cheaper now that we have a real, grown up vanity and sink. Still, it looks better, no?

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Becky said...

Very pretty! I love the darker color and the bowl-sink.

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