Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fun Things I'm Learning in Micro

1. I suck at preparing T-smear petri plates.  I gouged every one of mine.
2. I'm pretty good with a stain and a microscope.
3. Staph is actually really pretty.  It looks like lots of teeny tiny purple dots.
4. There are a lot of things that cause diarrhea.
5. I never want to be immunocompromised.  There is a fungus that will eat your face off if not caught and treated.  It's found everywhere, but you won't get it unless you're immunocompromised.
6. Fungi is a fun word to say.  Fungi fungi fungi.
7. Pinworms crawl out of your butt at night to lay their eggs. 
8. Wash your hands, there are microbes everywhere!


Cathy said...

To pinworms and face-eating fungus - eew

RFT said...

Ignorance is bliss

ldupbeat said...

Eww, this is the part of the medical career I can do without. LOL

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