Friday, November 20, 2009


I found out today that I have been accepted to nursing school for the fall! Woohoo for me! I am so relieved to have gotten into my first choice program. Now I don't have to worry about applying to the other programs or potentially having to wait another year.

Now I have get a drug test and pay the school some more money for registration and a background check. The fun will really start next summer when I start looking for a place to send the boys 3 days a week. There is also a 2-3 week summer session that is and orientation to the hospital/nurses aide program. Anyone want to volunteer to come watch the boys for a few weeks this summer?

Having F really reinvigorated me to start the nursing program. I got to see a whole spectrum of nurses during the 2 days I was at the hospital. I met some really outstanding nurses and some nurses I wouldn't want again. Here I go!


Cathy said...

That actually might just work for me - I will most likely only be taking one class so we shall see when that lands. I would LOOOOVVVVVEEEE that

Jenn said...

We'll totally buy your plane ticket out here! Let me know when you've got your class scheduled.

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