Friday, July 02, 2010

Niagara Falls: The Rest of the Story

I'm sure that pretty much anyone who reads this blog has already looked at the Niagara Falls pictures on Facebook. So this post won't include any of those pictures. Instead, you'll get some less touristy, but probably funnier pictures that have nothing to do with the falls, except that they were taken there.

We started out on our 436 mile journey bright and early Tuesday morning. It was the longest one-day journey we've attempted with the boys. The googles estimated that it would take us 7 hours and 15 minutes. In true family-with-young-children style, it took 10.

Once we finally got to our hotel, T was entranced with the shoe polisher. I hadn't seen one in many years. Do you still have one, Dad?

We also indulged in a glass of wine or two. Dad and Lala had stopped and picked up some bottle-sized box-o-wine. It was taaaaaasty. Then we ate dinner and watched the falls' illumination. Blah blah blah.

Day two started with a bang when we attempted to feed the kids in the hotel room. This was a bad idea.

But we made it through and started off towards the falls. F, of course, fell asleep.

We went on the Behind the Fall exhibit, where we all got fabulously wet and T and Lala made temporary hand print graffiti on the walls.

F and Lala size up each other. This was about as close as F got to being OK with someone other than me for the entire week. Sigh.

As you can see, he's a bit of a mommy's boy.

We went on the Maid of the Mist. F was asleep again. It was awe-inspiring, blah blah blah.

We attempted to get a picture with Dad and T. Not so much. T is not a big fan of posing these days.

We had dinner at the Keg, overlooking the falls. It was super tasty and a beautiful view.

Then I gave the boys a bath in the GIANT HOTEL TUB!!! T loved the whirlpool setting.

Dad and Lala found a golf course on Day Three, while we walked about, ate some ice cream and found a play land. That night, we went to see Oh Canada, Eh, a dinner show of all things Canada. It was fun. T tried (and liked) pea soup. Om nom nom.

We had to switch hotels this day. F was pretty tired in the morning, so I nursed him and he passed out. We packed around him.

This was the view from our second hotel. Not quite so impressive.

We hung out and took some cute pictures of F.

And that night we went out for ice cream. F has a thing for teeth these days. I suppose it's because he only has the two.

The next morning, we went home. It was a great trip and even better to see Dad and Lala. I was happy to get home though, and get the boys back into their regular beds, where they sleep much, much better. Ahhh, sleep.

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ldupbeat said...

These are great photos! I can hardly wait to play with Tucker and get kisses on the fat cheeks of Finley, even it you have to hold him while I do it LOL.

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