Friday, July 02, 2010

Discipline Sucks

Right now, we are supposed to be headed out to see the Independence Day fireworks. Instead, we're hanging on the couch. Why? Well, here's the thing.

We've been talking with T about the fireworks all week. He's been super excited. All week, I've also been telling him that he had to take a nap the day we went to the fireworks because we were going to be up late. He's a monster in the evenings if he doesn't get a nap. And so. And so, today I put him down for his nap, with a reminder that he had to take a nap so we could go see the fireworks. Then I put F down. Then half an hour later, I heard some suspicious noises coming from T's room. He was sitting up playing with his toys. Then we had this conversation.

Me: T, you need to go to sleep so we can go to the fireworks tonight.
T: OK Mommy.

We continued to have this conversation every 30 minutes. I tried rubbing his back. I tried sitting in his chair. I tried scratching his head. Nothing. None of my usual get him to nap tricks worked today. I told him that if he didn't sleep, we weren't going to be able to go to the fireworks.

Finally, around 4:15, I went into his room (where he was playing with his matchbox cars), and told him that if he would like to get up that was his choice, but it would mean no fireworks tonight. He got up. Ry asked him to take a nap so we could go. "No Daddy, I choose not to go to the fireworks." (Yes, he actually said it, just like that.)

So here we are, sitting on the couch. Fireworksless. T, of course, threw a fit tonight before bed when he realized that we really weren't going to the fireworks. He also lost dessert tonight for kicking his brother, had to go to bed early for hitting him with a toy, and lost one of his bedtime books for not listening to his father. Can't you imagine how joyful he'd have been in a crowded park 2 hours past his bedtime? Delightful.

Sometimes, it sucks to be the parent.

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Becky said...

Definitely sucks to be the parent. However, I'm sure the people you would have been sitting next to appreciate it!

I see you managed to get to some fireworks after all (from the picture mail). I'm glad that today worked out.

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